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It has been argued that most fuel consuming cars should be prohibited and electronic cars should be subsitituted for them. I agree that electric cars would be more benefitted as they will be environment friendly and economic also.

Electric cars are environment freindly since they operate on batteries and donot produce any toxic fumes which are harmful to all the living beings as compared to the contemporary vehicles using petrol/diesel fuels. Gases produced from fuel cars not only affects human beings, but also prove to be danger to animal species and plants. There have been many health diseases witnessed in last couple of years like Asthma; hearts and lung diseases are common. Numerous dangerous elements gets added into Oxygen due to that human life is becoming questionable. To overcome and control this issue, some of the individuals and families are using Air purifiers at their homes. It is quite impossible for middle class and poor people to buy such high end gadgets. This leads to air pollution to a large extent affecting Global warming as a whole. One of the steps taken by Indian Government to control the issue in winters is introducing the Odd/Even Scheme in the national capital. For example, the rule is going to come in November 2019 as well to ease out some air pollution with less number of vehicles on the road.

From economic point of view, electric cars will win the race. As fuel prices increasing day by day, electricity would be a cheaper alternative. Apart from this, electric cars are even faster and more convenient as compared to fossil fuel cars. They are more time saving and less expensive as well, we can tavel smoothly from one place to another without traffic congestion.
Since they operate on rechargeable batteries, people dont have to stand in long queues at fuel stations to refill the fuels. Some developed and developing countries are focusing on using electric vehicles. For instance, USA, China and Japan already introduced electric cars and enjoying the benefits out of it.

To summarize, in my opinion electric cars should be an altrenative substitution for traditional fuel cars due to great adavantages they offer particularly to the environment as well as their plethora of conveniences offered to the people.