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    Grandparents play an important role in the growth and development of a child. They teach many things which one may not be able to learn from anywhere else as they have experienced l many ups and downs in of life. Grandparents enjoy being around their grandchildren and never get tried or bored of them. They make one save and secured.

    Grandfather will be excited to teach how to ride a bicycle or drive a car if one is grown up . Grandmother will be overwhelmed when she is expecting her grandchildren home. In short they are always there for their grandchildren.

    So, its responsibility of every child to payback to their grandparents. One should not forget that grandparents were like a closest friend once to them. As children grow up they get busy in their own life and forget about their grandparents. They don’t want much. All they need is them to be remembered, cared and loved. Small gestures like visiting them frequently, talking to them ,helping them in their work makes a lot of difference to them.

    Its responsibility of every grandchild to look after their grandparents in their hour of need as they are always there for you.

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