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    Many peoples says co-education is a kind of vulgarity while other says co-education is very productive.
    Discuss both of the views.
    Well, co-education is the type of education in which both boys and girls study together under one roof, exchange their ideas, exchange their notes, healthy competition, learning, friendship, decent selection of words, respect, makes us broad minded and they select decent and beautiful dresses to wear. In the present era, it provides together study of both genders, a healthy competition, shows good etiquettes and behavior with each other along with co-education is the name of vulgarity, disrespect and distraction. However, co-education has its own benefits and draw backs to the peoples in general and to the society as a whole.
    Firstly, in the co-education system there is a very healthy competition between boys and girls which is very good. For instant, there are many negative aspects of co-education which can be very dangerous. At one hand, both genders shares their ideas and study together under a roof. For a movement, boys shows good etiquettes and behavior in front of girls and girls also shows good behavior and do their 100 percent preforms or effort to come first in the class so they can feel proud. Moreover, co-education makes us independent, broad the minds of both boys and girls. For example both shares their ideas with each other and feel comfortable in co-education system.
    In addition to that, it provides negativity, disrespect of girls by boys or boys by girls, ego, attitude and misbehavior. According to an idea, it spread vulgarity because of different genders studying under a roof. At one hand, boys and girls can get distract and also feel un-comfortable because of co-education. According to a research, boys and girls can disrespect each other and can destroy the peace of the school or college or university.
    In conclusion, co-education is the study of both genders at the same time, race of getting good result or score and being good with each other whereas the co-education is the sign of indecency and cannot let students achieve their desire goals. In my point of view co-education is productive idea for the student to get or do good score in their studies and work hard at home too because of both genders to prove who the best is.

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