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    It is universally accepted that controlling the streets is usually considered a vital way to diminish a crime. However, there are many kinds of efficacious ways to prevent offense. I will suggest ways and give my own opinion.
    Many people believe that we have many methods against crime and this process results in many hazardous problems. To my mind, individuals commit some offense for many reasons, particularly poverty but this is not excuse to commute a crime. For example, some human beings in Azerbaijan commit an offense and they are prisoned. We cannot accept these people because they create many bad issues. Effective way to reduce crime is punishment. I think individuals who commit a crime must pay at least one thousand manat in Azerbaijan. This way can alleviate an offense and people feel more comfortable.
    On the other hand, teaching some rules to people and do not give punishment is also efficacious. For instance, I know a person who is my brother’s schoolmate has stolen women’s bag and then some people teach him that it is a crime. Consequently, he understands this situation and say that I will never cause problems. In my opinion, human beings must not commit an offense because it is also guilt in religion.
    To sum up, apart from controlling the streets there are many effective methods to diminish a crime. However, only government prevent this process and president and ministers should provide the operation and do not let decrease population. I hope all people try to hinder this bad process.

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