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  • Relationships have been changed from past decades up till now by the impacts of Tech. In my opinion alterations can be considered either as evolutions or erosions equally.

    on the one hand, technology provided us the easiest ways for people to contact together. Nowadays we use many APPs such as Imo or Skype and other video calls which enables us to be in touch with every body where ever they are.Moreover, transportation is another part that tech could improve it to its best . we can visit someone in far away lands by airplanes or fast trains without wasting time by remaining many times in the way to get the destination. Last positive point concerning economical issues us online free Apps for learning. Students can learn their lessons whenever and where ever they are instead of paying lots of money to private schools.
    On the other hand, today’s social communication applications avoid people a real visiting and cause individuals to live in a virtual life which would result in isolation and depression. Also, it will cause an unhealthy life style ; without physical movements , obesity and other physical diseases particularly in youngsters , While at long time ago they walked many miles. Nowadays a great part of news involve in high mortality rate due to avian or railway accidents. Whereas in the past, people walked to their destination that was safe . in addition, from opposite perspective in regard to tech surveys in economy, I can mention many retired teachers without salaries duo to online learning APPs. In fact, those applications have caused negative points on a vast part of society as teachers.

    In conclusion, technology as a great breakthrough could not only improve humans interaction together but also distance them from each other.

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