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    There has been tremendous increase in urbanisation from past few years. People prefer to live in large cities for its luxuries and comforts. evacuation from villages and towns and landing up in large cities leads to excessive crowding in cities. though there are innumerous merits of cosmopolitan cities they similarly make us to encounter a lot of problems and situations everyday.
    Firstly, overpopulation in urban cities leads to issues of traffic. this issue has been a major problem for people who drive everyday for work, where in city travel completely diminishes ones interest in travelling. secondly, pollution is one of the important issues that world has to discuss about. cosmopolitan cities has been suffering from increase in pollution day by day.cost of living is also a noticable issue in urban cities. urban areas also suffer from high rates of crime compared to the smaller cities. while, we also struggle from less personal space in urban society. people usually feel suffocated due to fast faced environment around them.
    while on the other hand there are many merits people encounter everyday in cities. it is easy to get all the household groceries without getting troubled.people can find different sources of entertainment and attraction everyday.transport facilities are way more developed in large cities so there can be no complaint of unavailabilty. Although, there are complaints on traffic we get best medical services in large cities compared to others. better carrer options make the youth want to migrate to urban societies.
    while people of both the opinions continue to exist i believe that it might be stressful and unhealthy to have city life. government should encourage people to migrate to the regional towns and make them help for their development.

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