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    The barchart provides information about the changes in the highest number of Asian elephants in 1997 and 2004 between 1994-2007.
    Overall Asian elephant in 1999 and 2004 shows some fluctuations.
    Vietnam elephants show about 1200 in 1997 but later reduced to 1000 at the end of the period.
    Indian Elephant rose drastically to about 10000 in 1997 later dropped and became steady in Malasia Srilanka to 3000 in 1997
    However it showed a gradual decrease in Cambodia and Laos. Later increase to about 5300 in 1997 and continued to reduce steadily in Myamma, Thailand and China in 1997 reaching around 3000 in Malasia and Srilanka and hitting a low point in China in 1997.
    Number of Vietnam Elephants in 2004 was about 1100 and Indian elephant got increased to about 7300 in 2004.
    However the number of Malasia and Srilanka elephant became steady in 2004, later Camdian decrease to about 1200 and Laos elephant to about 1100 Myanma elephant to about 5300 in 2004 and decrease steady in Thailanad and china

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