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    IELTS Writing Task 2

    You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

    Write about the following topic:

    What are the disadvantages and advantages of studying abroad?

    Write at least 250 words.

    Sample essay that was written by an IELTS student

    ‏In recent years, world has become more globalized. The number of students who decide to study abroad has dramatically increased over the years. Many believe that ,because it is difficult for students to adapt to live in a new country and environment ,it is a risky and irresponsible choice for them to study abroad and leave their home. However, other believe that it is a worthwhile experience for a student to
    ‏study abroad that he should not miss

    ‏First and foremost, studying abroad has many advantages. Because students will be exposed to different cultures customs and countries, their knowledge and experience will be enriched .also, not only this experience will enhance their social and communicating skills, but also it would benefit them substantially in their future career. For instance, A friend of mine traveled to South Korea for three months intership. When she came back to Tunisia, she found a good job with a Korean company who hired her because she speaks Korean and She knows their way of thinking

    ‏ In contrary to the above, studying abroad could bring disadvantages as well as advantages. Although it seems very beneficial for students to study abroad, it is worth mentioning point that differences across cultures and populations occur, and culture shock will be inevitable. Students could become depressed since they will find difficulty to make new friends who share with them common interests . They will also find difficulty to adapt to a new environment when they are not able to make real friends .as a result, their academic performance will be
    affected negatively in this case.
    ‏In conclusion, it is also the students nature
    and way of thinking that define whether studying abroad would be beneficial for him or not. I believe that students are too young to make a decisive choice like studying abroad.also, i think that differences between countries is a factor that shouldn’t be forgotten so students should wait for a while to decide whether they would like this experience or not.

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