Some People Believe that Cycling has lot of advantages whereas other believe that it has disadvantages. Discuss both views.

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Some People Believe that Cycling has a lot of advantages whereas other believe that it has disadvantages. Discuss both views.

It has always remain debatable, that whether cycling should remain a mode of transportation. Some are of the view that it has lot of benefits like Health, Cost etc , while others beleive that it always lead negative results such as pollution and risks on the road. This essay will discuss both aspects in depth.

Many people think that cycling even today has many positives compare to other means of travel. Firstly, it is inexpensive and owing a cycle does not require a bid budget like buying a motor bike or vehicle. Secondly, by using it one remain healthy and it is as equivalent to doing some daily excersize. Lastly, you do not need a special paking space for your cycle, hence it is at your ease to leave it anywhere you want, may be next to the shop or your daily class. For these reasons people beleive that cycling give many advantages.

While on other side, critics give negative reasons of using a cylce. They say, Pollution in now a days envionment is very unhealthy for us and we should avoid cycling and must remain in covered vehicle. Further using a cycle on busy roads lead to many accidents. since motor vehicle drivers has little care for cyclists. These evidence give them reasons to form such negativety for cycling.

To conclude, should we use a bicyle ? A number of people beleive that yes , it may remain a mode of travel while others says we should not. This essay has discussed the various advantages and disadvantages of using cycle.


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